Flame Alive

You can be a 2019 Flame Alive member—individuals who support the Eternal Flame Fund with an annual gift of $75 or more! One hundred percent of every gift supports the Eternal Flame Fund for the ongoing care of our church facility. Your gifts make a difference.

  • In 2018, your gifts of $1.2 million supported the restoration of the sanctuary stained glass windows.
  • In 2017, your gifts of $632,775.48 replaced our 35-year-old HVAC system.
  • In 2016, your gifts totaling $105,485.15 provided $90,550 to replace or repair 11 flat roofs; $5,547.15 for the installation of cameras in the third-floor youth area; $1,050 for LED lighting where fixtures had failed; $595 for an asbestos inspection; and $7,743 for asbestos abatement before the HVAC system was replaced.

Please donate online or mail your check and a completed donation form to:

Eternal Flame Fund
Marvin UMC
300 W. Erwin St.
Tyler, TX 75702

There's a new way to give to support the Eternal Flame Fund. The DipJar is at the Welcome Center and you can take a dip to donate $75 to the Eternal Flame Fund. Every individual donating $75 or more is a member of the Flame Alive giving group.

Thank you for your generosity!

Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the Lord until He comes and showers His righteousness on you (Hosea 10:12).


Trustee Chair Pesentation: David Kehl
Trustee Presentation: Kevin Ferrier
Guest Speaker: Dr. John Robbins

Click here for pictures of the 2019 dinner.

2019 Flame Alive Members

Betsy Adams*  Mary Adamson  Olivia Adcock  John & Debby Adkins  Chris & Heather Agan  Jaime Aguilar  Mark & Katrina Anderson Linda Armstrong  Bessie Arnold  Linda Ashby  Mitzie Avera* Jacque Bailey  Joel Baker  Ruby Baker*  Doug & Gina Baker* Hank & Nicki Baker  Daisy Barger* Tommy & Caro Bartley* Joe & Paula Bates*  Judy Bayless  Tab & Bonnie Beall*  Larry & Linda Bennett  John & Peggy Berry*  Floyd & Sally Betts  Lori Booher  Betty Bower* Mac & Donna Bowers*  Bill & Tandy Brandt*  Ann Brewer  Melissa Brigman*  Tiffany Brooks Jim Brown  William Brown  Tom & Julie Brown  Glenn & Nancy Browne  Mary Brumby* Roe & Ruth Buckley  Marilyn Budde* Edwina Bulman  Taylor & Joan Burns  Allen & Arlene Burt Sandy Byerly  Bob Calbert   Allison Cambre   Mike & Billie Carpenter*  Bruce & Judy Carter Buddy Castleberry   Chris & Cheryl Chambers   Jim & Janet Chase   Regina Childress  Mike & Jane Coker*  Charles Cole   Randy & Debbie Cook*   John Cooke   Jerry & Linda Cothran   Jeremy & Claire Cozad*  Karen Crawford   Cris & Margie Criswell*  Jim & Donna Culver*   Clay Davis Milford & Mary Davis   Jim Dawes*   Jack & Pat Deacon*   Mike & Sharon Dent   Disciples Sunday School Class  David Dorn*  Danny Dorsey   Glenn & Becky Duncan*  Shawn & Rebecca Dunn*  Joe & Meriam Eakin*   Tim & Janell Edwards    Kevin Eltife   Matt Fate    Bubba & Paula Ferrell   Kevin & Kaye Ferrier*    Rob & Sharon Fisher*   Tom Fitzgerald    Francis & Jeanine Franck  Gary Frederick*  David & Holly Freeman   Friendly Sunday School Class  Ron & Mary Gammell*  Ben & Genelle Gann*   Jan & Elen Garrett*  Don Garrison*  John Genung Gerry & Laura Giles*  Gary & Lois Ann Godfrey*   Tom Gregory   Mac & Martha Griffith* Greg & Benji Guinn   Jay & Zelda Gully   Mary Hammond   Brian & Jan Hancock  John & Marilyn Hardy*  Billie Hartley   Connie Hawkins*  Ann Head*  David & Janice Heith   Hibbs & Hallmark Susan Hill   Johnny Hirt*   Bryan & Francie Hodges   Doug Hogue   Holly & Gail Hollenshead Jerry & Carol Hopkins*  John Horton*  Joel & Carolyn Hutson  H.T. & Laura Hyde* Tommy & Sharlotte Hyde David & Kate Iglesias Alan & Mary Elizabeth Jackson* Wanda Jett Rick & Michele Jett*  Art & Mae Johnson*  Chris & Nancy Jones  Jim & Debbie Jones* Dorothy Kayser*  David & Carol Kehl*  Cindy Kelly*  Kent Family Living Trust  Don Kerr Randy & Cindy Kidwell*  Phyllis Kimmel  Steve & Cherie King  Ben & Kathy Kizer Rich & Susan Knarr   Jim & Jan Knowles*  Ed & Beverly Langley*  Leonard Leifer  Cathy Linney Bill & Mary Kay Lust*  Dorothy Mackey*  Elizabeth Maloney  Bill Martin*  Marvin & Mariden Massey*   Kurt Massing   James McCain   Brent & Jan McCauley*  Tom & Mary Ellen McCloskey* Junella McClusky*  Bill McGaughey   John & Barbara Merritt*   Curtis & Joanne Mewbourne Jim & Marcia Miles*  Buddy & Suzy Miller   Deborah Milling   Joseph Mitchum*   Doris Mock* Ross Morris  Chuck & Susan Morris   Jack & Kathryn Morse   Jean Morton*  Duane* & Sandy Moushon  Rick & Judie Murphey  Foster (D) & Mary Murphy*  Scott & Suzanne Myers* Rob Neal  David & Terri Nelson*  Roger & Marilyn Newman  Jim Norris  Tom (D) & Anita Nourse*  Dan & Deanna Olson*  Don & Barbara Osada  Don Parks  Todd & Lorie Pate Garth & Anne Pattullo*  Jim & Carol Pendleton*  John Perkins  Jim & Margaret Perkins Todd & Freida Phillips   Pat Pinkerton   Gayle Pope   Colin & Julie Pope   Troyce Raynes* William Redford*  Rick & Cyndi Reynolds   Jay & Ann Riley*  Janet Rippy*  Donald Ritchie Ricky & Donna Roach*  George Roberts   Randy Roberts   Jim & Becky Robertson Bill Rogers   George & Kay Rook*   Joseph Rosa   Jim & Karen Ross   Tom & Elizabeth Russell Shelly Rutherford   Linda Sargent*  Tom & Connie Seale*   Seekers Sunday School Class* Glenn & Jacque Shackelford   Bob & Judy Shaffstall   JoAnn Simons*   Mike & LaVerne Simpson* Milha Skelton  Mickey & Janet Slimp   Kevin Smith  Don Smith  Bud & Eva (D) Smith Don & Betty Ann Smith*   Myrtis Smith   Harold* & Kathy Smith  Harold & Juanita Smotherman Richard & Kelly Solomon*  Cindy Stark   Mike & Sarah Starr   Nan Stegemoeller* Penny Stephens*  Marvin Stephens*  Bob & Cindy Stephenson   Tommy & Margaret Stewart* Kathy Story   Nancean Stover   Roger & Kathy Strain   Carl & Cindy Sulser   Elizabeth Sutton* Everett & Ann Taylor*   Marty & Jonanna Tebrinke*   George Tefteller*   Pat Thomas* (D) Cheryl Threlkeld*   Rita Turner*   Jerry & Billie Tustison*   Janet Tyner   Neal & Stephanie Vasso Michele Vatter   Neal Velvin   Eddie Vennum   Lynn Vincent   Tim & Chris Vordenbaumen* Timothy & Sally Vordenbaumen   Ron & Serena Vrnak*   Andy & Diane Wall*   Harry & Gail Wallace*   David & June Ward   Don Warren   Mark Weaver   Kent Webb   Steve Webb* Tim & Carolyn West*  Gail White   Geoffrey & Pattie Willbanks   Charlotte Wilson*  Flora Wilson Watson W. Wise Foundation   Sammye Woodward   Richard & Judy York*   Gayle Zellers 

*Charter member
(D) Deceased


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