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Marvin UMC

300 W. Erwin St.
Tyler, TX 75702

Service Times

  • Sundays 8:30 & 11 a.m. Sanctuary service
  • Sundays 9 & 11 a.m. Core Modern Worship (Herd Worship Center)
  • Wednesdays 12:05 p.m. Mid-Week Meditation (chapel)

Consider naming Marvin United Methodist Church as a beneficiary in your will or trust.

What gifts, in addition to cash and pledges, does Marvin Church accept? The Board of Trustees has guidelines specific to many of the ways to give outlined below. Before making a gift, consult with your financial advisor and the Marvin Church business administrator to ensure you receive the best personal value for your donation and to determine if your gift meets Marvin Church gift acceptance guidelines. Creative ways to give might include:

  • Gifts to support a restricted fund like the Perpetual Maintenance Fund or the Eternal Flame Fund. 
  • Gifts in Kind – Gifts of art, jewelry, equipment, and other tangible personal property. 
  • Honor and Memorial Gifts – You may wish to give a gift in honor or memory of a friend or loved one.
  • Real Estate – A gift of real estate may provide help you avoid Capital Gains Tax on the difference in what you paid for the property and what it is worth now. Consult your tax advisor about the amount of tax savings such a gift might produce for you.
  • Publicly traded securities and closely-held stock.
  • Life Insurance – You can give a life insurance policy or name Marvin United Methodist Church as a beneficiary.
  • Retirement plan/IRA benefits or proceeds.
  • Other gifts approved by the Board of Trustees.

Planned giving for extra ordinary people

Points shared by Larry Wickham, former UT Tyler director of planned giving, at the Marvin Church program in April.

God is the master giver, who generously gives abundantly and with joy. What better place to make a planned gift than to your church! Marvin Church is worth your investment now and in the future. What are some simple ideas for transferring your assets to a nonprofit, like Marvin Church, during your lifetime or at your death? In planned giving, we give out of what we have and not what we don’t have.

  1. Bequest: Seventy percent of all planned gifts come in the form of a bequest, or your will. You can consider giving a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. This is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to give. Hopefully, you have a will. If you do not, the State of Texas will figure out what to do with your money and property! If you have a will, it is inexpensive to make a change in your will, called a codicil. The 2016 State of the Plate survey of 1,596 pastors, leaders and laypeople assessed the current state of giving to churches in America. It showed that the majority of Christians need help getting their final wishes in order. The survey asked pastors, leaders, and laypeople from churches of all sizes and types to report on their church giving patterns and practices. Forty-six percent of people in churches do not have a will or estate plan. Yet, 90 percent of a person’s wealth is in their assets or estate. 
  2. Life insurance: Consider naming Marvin Church the beneficiary of a policy you may not need any more. Call insurance agent and ask for a beneficiary change. You can give all or part of your insurance policy to your church. Another option: You have life insurance for your spouse or children. As we age, it may not be something that they need. It is wise to have a contingent beneficiary in case the first beneficiary is no longer living. 
  3. Retirement account: You can have a beneficiary on your retirement policy and a contingent beneficiary on this fund also. Retirement funds don’t receive very favorable tax treatment. 
  4. POD or Payable on Death: Assets in your checking account can be given to your church or another charity. This includes CDs, checking or savings accounts. A POD needs to be prepared for every account in the bank. PODs helps your family so these accounts don't have to go through probate before your family or charity can access them. 
  5. Real estate: Designate your home or other real estate to Marvin Church or another charity. Your home has special benefits for giving while you are still alive.
Talk with your financial advisor or attorney about these ways to protect your family at your death and give to Marvin Church or a charity.


Marvin UMC

300 W. Erwin St.
Tyler, TX 75702

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