In difficult times, the Marvin Church family is bound together in love! 

During this unusual weather event, many East Texans were left in need of a warm place to stay, food to eat and even water to drink. Marvin's Love in Action Team went into action, helping secure and finance motel rooms for people without a way to escape the freezing weather, preparing 150 meals and delivering them despite the poor road conditions, and procuring and delivering water to elders in retirement communities who were without.

Many needs came in through our Facebook page, and our Missions Ministry's Love in Action Team was able to work with other local organizations to help meet immediate and pressing needs. 

One man was desperate to get in touch with his brother, who was homeless living in Tyler. Marvin Missions, working with Streets of Tyler, located the man in a motel room, extended his stay and provided food, assuring his brother that he was OK. His brother responded via Facebook:

Thanks again for extending the stay at the hotel … he was telling me what all is happening and was very choked up, could hardly talk.

One woman with five kids was losing her warm room. She now has another week in a comfortable place.

Another woman who lives out of town was concerned about her grandmother, a resident of a local retirement community. When the community lost water, the residents were at risk of dehydration. She tells the story best: 

My grandmother’s retirement neighborhood lost water on Tuesday afternoon which they are still without. They are each other’s support network so with the sidewalks iced over they were pretty isolated and disconnected from resources.

I live hours away so I tried numerous contacts which were fruitless. Finding no formal channels to access, I contacted her church.

Within the hour, I was greeted with a message from Marvin UMC that the missions office was organizing and mobilizing support. This morning, with the snow completely turned to ice, a community member and fellow parishioner went door to door through the entire neighborhood delivering much-needed water that came from the church. As they face day four without water and increasing slushy ice outside their doors, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the life-saving work.

Thank you!

Special thanks to our four-by-four owners and drivers who braved the icy roads, and to Brookshire's for providing bottled water.

We’ve heard the stories of Marvin folks:

  • Opening their homes to anyone who needed a warm place to stay;
  • Helping rescue people stuck on the icy streets;
  • Taking food and bottled water to those without;
  • Sharing firewood with families without heat;
  • Shoveling sidewalks for their neighbors;
  • Helping our mission families with supplies;
  • Checking on friends who live alone;
  • Cooking pots of soup and sharing with neighbors;
  • Being the hands and feet of Christ! ❤️

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