In difficult times, the Marvin Church family is bound together in love! As we face uncertain days ahead due to the coronavirus, we have developed some ways that we can put that love in action.

If you are healthy and able, you can volunteer to be part of the LOVE IN ACTION ERRAND TEAM. This group will be on call to pick up groceries or medicine for those Marvin members who cannot or should not be out in public.

The second opportunity is to volunteer to be on the LOVE IN ACTION PHONE TEAM. This group will make designated phone calls (from their own home) to Marvin members as we try to stay in touch with our church family, especially with those who need a caring and friendly call.

To sign up for either group, send an email message with your name, phone number and your desire to be on the ERRAND TEAM or PHONE TEAM or both.
We also want you to let us know if you need help getting your groceries or medicine. Some people are relying on family or neighbors, but we want to help out if you need assistance. Send an email message with your name, phone number and need.

May God bind us together in HIS GREAT LOVE during this Lenten season!

Email Us For More Information