By a margin of 85 percent, tonight Marvin Church voted to separate from the United Methodist denomination and affiliate with the Global Methodist Church.


The United Methodist Church is at a crossroad to potentially split over significant theological differences which include the authority of scripture and matters of human sexuality.

Navigating the Waters is the phrase Marvin Church is using for this time of discernment for our denomination, our conference, our church, our clergy and our laity. Click here for prayer/devotional resources that may be helpful during discernment.

Marvin United Methodist Church is a part of the Texas Annual Conference. 



Church members will gather to vote about our affiliation with the United Methodist Church at 6 p.m. Sept. 19 in the sanctuary. Only full members of the church are allowed to vote. If you need to confirm your membership, please call the church at 903.592.7396. Click here to sign up to attend. Pre-registration allows your church membership to be confirmed before the vote. Names not appearing on the registration list will need to have their voting eligibility confirmed prior to admittance to the voting venue. Click here to download information.


Marvin Church is a traditional, Wesleyan congregation that is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Because of the slow and steady drift of The United Methodist Church from its historic Christian mission, Marvin, along with hundreds of other churches in the Texas Annual Conference, is faced with the decision of whether to remain in or disaffiliate from the UMC.

Should Marvin disaffiliate with the UMC, we would likely affiliate with a new denomination known as the Global Methodist Church (GMC). This denomination will be made up of former United Methodists from North America, Africa, Europe and elsewhere. 



  • April 26 | Administrative Council meets – hears report from Dr. Baker. Click here to read his report.
  • April 29 | Council of Bishops releases press release that schism is inevitable 
  • May 1 | Launch of Global Methodist Church
  • May 29–June 1 | Texas Annual Conference in Houston | Marvin is represented by four clergy delegates and four lay delegates
  • June 1 | The Texas Annual Conference approves a resolution amending the formula by which disaffiliating churches would use to pay their unfunded clergy pension liability. 
  • June 17 | Bishop Scott Jones announces his retirement as bishop of the Texas Annual Conference effective Dec. 31, 2022. Click here to see his letter to the Conference clergy
  • July 10 | Administrative Council votes 23-1 to continue the discernment process
  • July 17 | TAC future discernment task force meets at 3 p.m. in Marvin's sanctuary. Bishop Jones is among those present.
  • July/August | Church education meetings scheduled in Pirtle Hall as follows: noon July 28; 6 p.m. Aug. 3, 17 and Sept. 13 
  • Sept. 19 | Church vote
  • Dec. 3 | Special called session of the Texas Annual Conference to approve and release conference churches seeking to disaffiliate (including those seeking to move to the Global Methodist Church).