The United Methodist Church is at a crossroad to potentially split over significant theological differences among which include the authority of scripture, the deity of Christ, the nature of salvation and matters of human sexuality and related ordination.

Navigating the Waters is the phrase Marvin Church is using for this time of discernment for our denomination, our conference, our church, our clergy and our laity.

Marvin United Methodist Church is a part of the Texas Annual Conference (TAC). The TAC holds its annual business session beginning on the Sunday prior to Memorial Day continuing to the following Wednesday. This year’s in person conference is at the Hilton of the Americas in downtown Houston May 29–June 1.

Below please find a time table of recent events and known events in the immediate future. Please email if you want more information.

Timeline of events

March 17 | Bishop Jones hosts first live webinar Navigating the Waters with Grace and Respect  | Click here to view the webinar.

April 26 | Administrative Council meets – hears report from Dr. Baker

April 29 | Council of Bishops releases press release that schism is inevitable

April 30 | Associated Press and other news agencies pick up story

May 1 | Marvin Church releases response in all four services and in noon email

May 1 | Launch of Global Methodist Church

May 1–3 | TAC hosts zoom call for pre-conference meetings – discuss logistics and resolutions

May 10 | Judicial Council issued decision number 1444, a ruling that states annual conferences (including the Texas Annual Conference) will not be allowed to separate from the UMC unless the process is approved by the General Conference. The General Conference will not meet until 2024.

May 10 | Bishop Scott Jones hosted a live webinar which included discussion of Decision 1444. 

May 14 | Northwest District pastors and lay leaders gather at Lakeview for presentation on possible disaffiliation. 

May 29–June 1 | Texas Annual Conference in Houston |  Marvin has four clergy delegates and four lay delegates

Other Resources

For all information related to the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church | Go to Navigating the Waters

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